Lady Broncos

Stuart’s Lady Bronco Lexi Schroder (#14) fires one past CWC’s defense in the first volleyball set on Tuesday, Sept. 17. Photo by Studio B. Photography

The Lady Broncos played great competition this week, after losing Tuesday's game to CWC, the girls bounced back and took matches from Gregory in two sets and a scrappy team in Boyd County in three.

"Better defense and aggressiveness at the net help the ladies win these two matches. Saturday the girls took on North Central and also won in two sets. Strong serving and all-around hitting were able to keep North Central on the defense. The last match of the tournament the girls took on another scrappy team of O'Neill St. Mary's. The girls struggled to stay ready on defense and unforced errors kept both sets tight, but the girls were able to prevail in two, said Coach Sandy Miller.

Leading the girls in the match against Gregory were Lexi Schroder seven kills, Reaghan Engel five kills, Madison Stracke three kills and Lainey Paxton and Candence Kramer two kills; Sidney Estill 16 assists and Emma Alder two assists; Engel 14 digs, Schroder 13 digs, Taya Schmaderer five digs and Estill five digs; Schroder two aces, Schmaderer one ace, Stracke one ace and Engel and Estill one ace; Candence Kramer two blocks, Engel one block and Stracke one block. The Bronco's won the match 25-20 and 25-20.

In the game against North Central leading the Broncos were Schroder seven kills, Paxton six kills, Stracke five kills and Kramer five kills; Estill 21 set assists and Alder two assists; Passing Engel 17 digs, Schmaderer 10 digs, Schroder eight digs and Estill seven digs; Schroder two aces, Stracke one ace and Estill one ace; and Kramer two blocks. Stuart won the match 25-22 and 25-16.

The Broncos took Boyd County in three sets winning 26-28, 25-17 and 25-23.

Leading the Broncos were Engel with 13 kills, Schroder 13 kills, Stacke five kills and Paxton and Kramer four kills each; Estill had 30 set assists; Schmaderer 18 digs, Engel 13 digs and Schroder 11 digs; Schroder two aces and Schmaderer one ace; and Kramer one block and Paxton one block.

Stuart took the St. Mary's Cardinals on Saturday winning in two sets 25-17 and 25-20.

Leading the Broncos were Engel nine kills, Schroder seven kills, Stacke four kills and Paxton and Kramer two kills; Estill 20 assists; Schmaderer 10 digs, Engel nine digs and Schroder nine digs; Engel one ace serve; and Kramer two blocks and Paxton, Engel and Stacke one block each.


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