O'Neill Public Schools To Open

THE O'NEILL PUBLIC SCHOOLS will soon start for the year with provisions in place for the pandemic.

O’Neill Public Schools have released their Modified Learning Plans for the 2020-21 school year. The plans work in tandem with the North Central District Health Departments risk dial. The first of which was announced last week. The current risk dial for Holt County is yellow (moderate), meaning that increasing disease spread or lack of resources warrants enhanced precautions to provide uninterrupted, in-person learning. The plans for both the Elementary and High School can be found on their homepage at www.oneillpublicschools.org. The yellow risk dial requires mandatory mask wearing for staff and students, unless the parents sign an “opt out” form to be kept on file at their child’s school. Superintendent Shane states that the board and administration feel it’s important to keep as much normalcy for students as possible, while also ensuring their health and safety. They have tried to do this with their plans, knowing that things may change as more is discovered about the virus and recommendations from the Department of Education, the CDC, and the North Central District Health Department.

O’Neill Public Schools also has four new teachers joining their staff this year. Morgan Hampton will be teaching kindergarten, Sarah Kelly will be teaching first grade, Jamie Turpin will be teaching fourth grade, and Kiefer Kotrous will be teaching social sciences at the Jr. Sr. High School. They are always excited to welcome new teachers with fresh ideas to the district! Please make them feel at home in our community as well! Brandi Bowder will also be joining our staff as a para-educator.



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