One of the city of O'Neill's most memorable icons is now lost to history with the demolition of the early 1920's structure.

It was July, 19 of 1900 when it was reported that the cities three windmills were in running order and were suppling the needs of O'Neill. The city at some point built a standpipe for water storage that stood until the water tower was built.

It was July, 8 of 1920 when the city council made a motion to have an election in August of 1920 to replace the old standpipe with a 150,000 gallon water tower and replace some of the mainlines in town as well for a price of $30,000.

The Biglin family donated the land for the water tower and in August the issue passed. Records for 1921 were hard to find and so we have assumed the old water tower has been in service since 1921 or 1922.

In the last few years trouble with the water and chlorination was linked to the aging infrastructure.

The new water tower was in the planning for a while to save the tax payers by securing fiscally sound loans for a new tower in the northeast part of town. The current tower was a $2.3 million project and holds 750,000 gallons.


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