The Inman Village Board held their regular meeting at the Inman Community Center on August 30th, 2021 as published pursuant to Section 1-112 of the municipal code. The meeting was called to order at 7:01 p.m. Inman board meetings have been changed to the last Tuesday of the month and time change to 7 p.m. The board was informed of the location of the Open meeting poster. Members present: Jacque Murray, Ron Sterns, Deb Fisher, Lisa Everett, Sheila Carr Village Clerk, Lonnie and Vicki Doty and Mike Murray. Absent was Sherryl Sawyer.

August 2021 Receipts:

Sewer Fees: Sewer, Fees Collected$758.00

Hall Rental: General, Hall Rental$275.00

Holt Cty. Treasurer: Genreal, Taxes$261.66

NPPD: Genreal, Lease$1,375.88

Inman Township: General, Dumpsters$460.00

St. of Nebraska: General, Hwy. Allocation$2,455.19

Donations (150 yr): General, Shirts/caps/koozies$1,269.00

St. of Nebraska: General, Equalization$0


August 2021 Transfers

General Account to Street Account$613.79

Account Balances as of

August 31st, 2021






A motion was made by Fisher and seconded by murray to deposits and balance reports.

Bills Due:

NPPD: General, Utilities$174.35

Street, Utilities$338.56

Sewer, Utilities$156.23

Holt County Independent: General, Advertising$9.54

J&J Sanitation: General, Dumpsters$1,348.58

Lonnie Doty: General, Porta Pot$150.00

O’Neill Shopper: General, Advertising$154.96

One Call Concepts: General, Misc./locate$25.00

Ogden Hardware: General, Main/Repairs$23.98

Hammer Insurance: General, Liability Insurance$782.00

Bomgaars: General, Main/Repairs$24.97

Special T’s: General, 150 yr/T’s$732.25

Sams Club: General, 150 yr/Food$288.44

Wild Child: General, 150 yr/B. House$303.05

Bruce Bowman: General, Payroll$120.00

Lonnie Doty: Street, Payroll$213.75

General, Payroll$371.25

Lisa Everett: General, Payroll$60.00

Jacque Murray: General, Payroll$60.00

Sherryl Sawyer: Sewer, Payroll$60.00

Ron Sterns: General, Payroll$60.00

Deb Fisher: Street, Payroll$60.00

Sheila Carr: General, Payroll$125.00

Street, Payroll$125.00

EFT: General, Withholding$121.84

Street, Withholding$61.02

Sewer, Withholding$9.18

A motion was made by Fisher and seconded by Murray to approve all bill payments, all voted Aye.

New Business and

Continued Old Business

1) Chairperson Ron Sterns explained the Recovery Funds the village received were very hard to interpret, he will be in contact with Brent Kelly for his advice on the handling of these funds as they are time sensitive to be used.

2) The 150 yr. celebration was held on Sunday the 29th with a nice crowd in attendance, we thank everyone who came to help in the celebration, we especially want to thank all those who spent a lot of their personal time to promote, prepare and see that everything was handled. They did a very nice job!! Thanks to all who bought t-shirts, caps and koozie memorabilia.  It was abeautiful day to be outside (except for the wonderful bugs who came to help out) all had a good time. In future celebrations we will try to include a bit more for the adults to take part in, thanks again to everyone for everything.

3) There will be a special budget meeting to approved the new yearly budget on September 13th at 7 p.m. 

4) The annual municipal certificate was presented and signed with the exception of the county street supervisor, Sheila will be obtaining his signature and sending it in.

5) It was proposed to change our meeting dates to the last Tuesday of the month due to several conflicts with other meeting schedules. All voted Aye.

6) A dumpster will be placed once more at the dump site for those of you who still need to do some yard clean up. Let’s make Inman a place we can be proud to live in.

7) The village is in the process of removal of the dirt pile and concrete pile to help in our part of the cleanup project, if anyone has any questions regarding cleanup and ordinances, please feel free to attend our meetings.

Note: If any of you have issues with our village policies, a signature must be included on all letters or forms of correspondence for the Board to recognize the issues/concerns. Thank you!

Meeting adjourned: 7:38

Sheila Carr, Village Clerk

Next Meeting Monday September 28th, 7:00 p.m.

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