The Inman Village Board held their regular meeting at the Inman Community Center on June 28th, 2021 as published pursuant to Section 1-112 of the municipal code. The meeting was called to order at 7:04 p.m. Inman board meetings have been changed to the last Monday of the month and time change to 7 p.m. The board was informed of the location of the Open Meeting poster. Members present: Lisa Everett, Deb Fisher, Jacque Murray, Sherryl Sawyer, Ron Sterns, Sheila Carr Village Clerk and Julie Engelbart



June 2021 Receipts

Sewer Fees: Sewer, Fees Collected$466.50

Hall Rental: General, Hall Rental$0

Holt Cty Treasurer: General, Taxes$811.61

NPPD: General, Lease$938.58

Inman Township: General, Dumpsters$460.00

St of Nebraska: General, Hwy Allocation$2,516.20

Miscellaneous: Reserve, Interest$10.00


St of Nebraska: General, Equalization$0


June 2021 Transfers

General Account to Street Account$629.05

Account Balances

as of June 30th, 2021








A motion was made by Sawyer and 2nd by Fisher to approve deposits and balance reports. The minutes from the prior meeting could not be validated due to the fact there were not enough board members present to approve or disapprove prior issues at the last meeting. However they were reviewed at this meeting and all board members approved them, all voted aye.



Bills Due

NPPD: General, Utilities$206.99

Street, Utilities$338.34

Sewer, Utilities$156.21

Holt County Independent: General, Advertising$305.07

J&J Sanitation: General, Dumpsters$1,053.93

Bomgaars: General, Supplies$49.47

Hammer Insurance: General, Insurance prem.$4,392.00

Lonnie Doty: General, Misc/Porta Pot$100.00

Kellum Welding: General, Maint/Repairs$525.00

K&K Welding: General, Main/repairs$16.25

Black Hills Energy: General, Utilities$87.87

Sheila Carr: General, misc/reimbursement$54.85

Dustin Strong: General, Main/Repairs (libraray)$1,485.00

Carhart Lumber: General, Main/Repairs$40.28

Ogden Hardware: General, main/Repairs$8.26

North Central Resources: General, Dues$50.00

Bruce Bowman: General, Payroll$120.00

Lonnie Doty: Street, Payroll$348.75

General, Payroll$528.75

Lisa Everett: General, Payroll$60.00

Jacque Murray: General, Payroll$60.00

Sherryl Sawyer: Sewer, Payroll$60.00

Ron Sterns: General, Payroll$60.00

Deb Fisher: Street, Payroll$60.00

Sheila Carr: General, Payroll$125.00

Street, Payroll$125.00

EFT: General, Withholding$145.90

Street, Withholding$81.68

Sewer, Withholding$9.18



A motion was made by Everett and 2nd by Sawyer to approve all bill payments, all voted Aye.



New Business & 

Continued Old Business

1) Ron Sterns was sworn in as our Chair to the Board.

2) Dumpsters had been removed but a decision was made to bring in at least one more.

3) A plan was made to schedule a 150 year party in the park with a lunch to be served from 12-2. The date to be announced. A budget was set for board expenditures and members of the board will try and get donations towards the party. Games etc. were discussed. Motion was made to approve the party by Fisher and 2nd by Sawyer - all voted Aye.

4) Rental fees were discussed by the board, motion was made to approve fees, motion carried all voted aye.

5) Some state and local fiscal recovery funds will be applied for by July 2nd, the uses will be further discussed if funds are approved. The clerk will take care of the application forms in time to get them completed and returned.

6) A letter was received from Gary Ferris concerning the purchase of some land within village limits and some clean up. The letter was tabled until next meeting as the purchase is not complete yet for any decisions to be made.

7) Past due sewer bills will be filed in small claims court for collection, past due being over a year in arrears. No action has been taken as of yet to be filed by next meeting.

8) Flood plain administrator appointment will need an ordinance to comply, this was tabled until the next meeting. 

No further business was discussed and a motion by Sawyer 2nd by Fisher to adjourn meeting at 8:23.

Next meeting Monday, July 26th, 7:00 p.m.

Sheila Carr,

Village Clerk



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