New Brew Coming On Pearl Harbor Day Dec. 7

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, an average of 22 American veterans and service members will end their lives each and every day. Atkinson’s Brush Creek Brewing Company partnered with Lost Way Brewery (Holdrege) and Lazy Horse Brewing Brewing (Ohiowa) to craft a lager with the hopes of drawing awareness to this tragic epidemic.

What started from a simple text message conversation between the three owners for an idea to create a beer for the purpose of drawing light into this dark topic, quickly took on a life of its own with others wanting to join in. Within hours of the idea, all the malt, hops, cans, labels, and designs had been donated for this project. That taken care of, the owners/brewers were left with the task of crafting a recipe and coming up with a name. They landed on a German Helles lager recipe, and decided to play on the name of the style with purpose of the project: To Helles With 22 A Day.

To Helles With 22 A Day is an extremely easy to drink lager and will satisfy a wide range of palates. The beer was brewed on November 11th, at Lazy Horse Brewing alongside dozens of veterans from all branches of the military. Veterans were invited in on the behind the scenes brewing process, given a meal donated and served by US Foods, as well as given plenty of space to enjoy one another’s company.

The lager has been fermenting since November 11th, and in a few days will be available for purchase at all three breweries locations. On Saturday, December 7th, the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, To Helles With 22 A Day will be kegged and canned, packed into 6-packs, and transported to Atkinson, ready for sale that evening. It doesn’t get much fresher than that!

6-packs will be sold at Brush Creek Brewing Company for $10 per 6-pack with $5 from each sale being donated to Nebraska Buddy Check. Nebraska Buddy Check is organized through Lutheran Family Services with the singular purpose of helping veterans face their internal battles and keep them from ending their lives. 100% of any donation given above the sale of the 6-packs will go directly to Nebraska Buddy Check.

Quantities are limited and are expected to sell fast.


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