The Holt County Board of Supervisors meet on Friday, Feb. 14 to review the County Road agreement submitted by TC Energy. Holt County Attorney Brent Kelly handed the supervisors the road haul agreement written up by Attorney Dave Domino as per the Holt County Attorney’s request. Before starting the task of going through TC Energy’s proposed agreement Kelly advised the Board to go into executive session for advisement on Dominos proposed road haul agreement.

The board came out of session after a short meeting, Holt County Supervisor Steve Boshart stated that no decisions were made in the meeting.

The road haul agreement was drawn up on Oct. 15 of 2019.

Much of the TC Energys proposed agreement was similar to the one that the Supervisors had seen with the agreement by the Wind Farm project.

TC Energy spokesman Robert Latimer said the company is looking to pay for road improvements, repairs and even help with the rebuilding of the Stuart-Naper Bridge that would be a main construction route of the project. “ If it works for us, we want it to work for you guys too, especially when it comes to that bridge,” said Latimer.

The supervisors led by Boshart went page by page over the agreement discussing liabilities encompassing every part of the project in relation to the use of Holt County and township roads.

The supervisors questioned the TC Energy representatives on the road to the pump station. Latimer said they would be investing $1.5 million in building up the road to the station and would help with the cost of snow removal on roads to the proposed pump station as it is on a township road.

Latimer agreed TC Energy would be fine with that as it would be critical to the operation of the project.

The upcoming public hearing on the Keystone XL Pipeline is slated for Feb. 28th at the Holt County Courthouse.

Opponents of the project were allowed time at the meeting to voice concerns varying from some of the contractors TCE has used in the past on other jobs as well as the usual environmental concerns they bring to all the meetings they attend.


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