FREE DENTAL DAY FOR VETERANS  Dr. Jon Jessen put on the event and Duane Vosler helped with assisting the veterans that attended. Photo courtesy

The second Veteran’s Free Dental Day was held Friday, Nov. 1, at Family Dentistry & Dental Hygiene in O’Neill. It ran from 7:30 a.m. until the last Veteran was seen.

The idea was inspired by Dr. Jon Jessen for a Veteran’s Free Dental Day after he served homeless veterans in Phoenix, AZ after completing his dental implant training.

This day was not associated with the Veteran’s Affairs Office but Ken Stenka and team supported the event. They were very helpful in providing information for the Veteran’s about the event. The Veterans were greeted by the Legion Rider Flags in front of the office; which were set up by Duane Vosler and Brent Sawyer. The Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, Army and Navy were represented as well as the American flag.

Duane Vosler volunteered the entire day helping the Veterans with their needs. Duane also provided service to the dental team on whatever help they needed.

When the Veterans entered the office they were welcomed by the dental team. The dental team provided homemade cookies and bars. Nuts, coffee, and tea were also available. The table was decorated in red, white and blue decorations and American flags.

Dr. Jessen provided t-shirts for his team and volunteers; they were red with a Nebraska theme on them. The dental team took turns eating a quick lunch provided by members of the dental team. A dental exam, x-rays, prophylaxis and dental work was provided to the Veterans. 38 Veterans were seen and were provided dental services.

Goetze Dental, Dental City, Patterson, Crest and Oral B were sponsors for the event. Dr. Jessen and his team are honored to do this service for the Veterans and are making plans to do it again next year.


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