SPECIAL ATTENDEES — Pictured first row (l-r): Trey Sorrells. Second row: Michile Sorrells, Sharon Sorrells, Shannon Pease and Jim Sorrells. Third row: Tori Thramer and Kerry Klevinger. 

The third annual Jennifer Sorrells Memorial Walk for domestic violence with special recognition for Oriana Arcos  and her unborn child was held July 13 at the O'Neill Public School track.

Sorrells lost her life on March 21, 2017, and Arcos and her unborn child on May 28, 2019.

The opening prayer was given by Cameron Lauridsen. Speakers for the event were Karen Avery, surviver and counselor from Omaha and Linda Olson of Bright Horizons in O'Neill.

Entertainment included a duck pond game for children and cornhole for adults.

Eileen Schwartz donated an angel painting and her friends donated a quilt and wreath. Jim Sorrells donated a TV. Michelle Sorrells made care baskets. All the items were raffled. 

Winners of the raffle were Linda Olson, angel painting; Mona Davis, quilt; DesRee Armstrong and Lily Bulau, gift baskets; and Edith Maas, TV. 

Sharon Sorrells presented a wreath to Heather Martinez and her family for the loss of Arcos and her child. 

Jack and Deb Demsey donated popcorn balls to sell. 

"Thank you to everyone that was able to attend this event. All the proceeds from the donations will go to Bright Horizons to help victims and families. Special thank you to Scott Poese for announcing the event on the radio, Nick Hostert for letting us use the track, Mike Walker for doing the music even though there were issues with the sound system and The Holt County Independent for putting the articles in the paper and everyone for helping with this event," said the family members. "We hope this event helps victims and families reach out to people. Domestic violence is a serious problem all over the world. We say no more of it."


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