Tax Valuations

Holt County property valuations have decreased about $252 million for 2020-21.

The Holt County Assessor's Officer recently released the valuations with the county decreasing 1.08 percent from approximately $3.37 billion to $3.12 billion.

The cities and villages in Holt County saw four rising and four decreasing. The average increase was almost $2 million. The average decrease was just over $200 thousand.

The highest increase was noted in O’Neill with property values rising $4.2 million pushing them to more than $176 million. Atkinson, Stuart and Chambers also noted increases.

Other changes included Ewing decreasing just over $660 thousand making its total valuation over $10 million. Page decreased by about one percent, with valuations just over $5 million.. Inman and Emmet both decreased by about $100 thousand.

All of the major public schools in Holt County also decreased in valuations.

O'Neill Public Schools decreased by more than $74 million with a total tally of almost $1.2 billion.

West Holt Public Schools in

Atkinson decreased by more than 1.07 percent, with a total valuation of more than $1 billion.

Stuart Public Schools saw a decrease of just over $11 million with a total valuation of about $184 million.

Chambers Public Schools decreased by more than 1.12 percent, with a total valuation over $267 million.

Summerland is just beginning as a school, combining Orchard, Clearwater and Ewing. They have a valuation of more than $320 million.


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