Jennifer Poessnecker

ATKINSON — West Holt Medical Services (WHMS) is proud to announce that Registered Nurse Jennifer Poessnecker has accepted the position of specialty clinic charge nurse.

Poessnecker will provide oversight and day-to-day support to nursing staff and visiting providers to ensure efficient and effective patient care. She will act as liaison to specialist offices, hospitals, nursing homes and WHMS departments to maintain key communications.

In 2008, Poessnecker obtained her nursing degree from Northeast Community College in Norfolk. She has over nine years of experience as a rgistered nurse including previous employment at WHMS at which time she had multiple roles including hospital floor nurse, Infection prevention, assistant chief nursing officer and informatics nurse.

For the past year Poessnecker was employed at Avera St. Anthony’s Specialty Clinic where she developed provider relationships and enhanced her nursing skills.

“Jennifer has been an essential part of the development, implementation and maintenance of WHMS’ electronic medical record system. Her skills and experience make her an excellent fit as our new specialty clinic charge nurse,” said Tracy Ludwig, specialty clinic and primary care director.

Poessnecker grew up in Stuart and graduated from Stuart High School. She and her husband Jeff Poessnecker have been married for over nine years and have four children: Grant, 7, Barrett, 3, Mason, 2, and Paxton, 7 months.

“WHMS is family. I love working with people I know every day and I look forward to providing the best care to our patients close to home. I want patients to feel welcome and well cared for when they see our visiting providers in the specialty clinic,” Poessnecker said.


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