A 32-year-old O’Neill man was sentenced to prison during Holt County District Court on June 26 after he violated his probation in a burglary case.

John D. Lehmann was charged with burglary, a Class 2A felony. Holt County District Judge Mark Kozisek sentenced the defendant to 3-7 years in the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services with credit for 208 days served in Holt County Jail.

According to the state’s good time law, Lehmann will serve at least 3 1/2 years of his sentence.

Lehmann also was ordered to pay $1,000 restitution to the county clerk for disbursement to Harte’s Pub in Inman within a year of his release from prison. He also must pay $137 to the county clerk within 180 days of his release. 

According to court documents, the defendant was originally sentenced to three years probation on Sept. 25, 2017, in district court. 

“Mr. Lehman was sentenced to a term of probation over my objection, after he burglarized Harte’s Pub. He evidently chose not to make the most of his second chance and was revoked from probation after committing several new crimes and violations,” said Holt County Attorney Brent Kelly. 

Lehmann was arrested on June 25, 2016 after he called the Holt County Sheriff’s Office to confess to a burglary. 

At that time, Chief Deputy Ed Nordby was investigating a burglary that had occurred on or around June 23, 2016, at Harte’s Pub. 

Sgt. Mike Parks met with the defendant at his residence. Lehmann met the sergeant in his driveway with two backpacks full of alcohol and cigarettes. 

The defendant was transported to Holt County Courthouse for questioning and later incarcerated at Holt County Jail.

Lehmann was found guilty of violating his probation on March 25. Violations since his first sentencing include not completing his community service, testing positive during chemical testing and failing to report for testing thereafter, and failing to  not make payments towards chemical testing and probation fees.



I grew up 10 miles southwest of Stuart on the Greger family ranch. I graduated from West Holt Public Schools in Atkinson in 1997 and Northeast Community College in Norfolk in journalism in 1999.

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