Ryan Sieg

When Ryan Sieg, MD, was finishing his service in the U.S. Army Medical Corps, he was looking for the perfect orthopedic practice, as well as a community that would fit him and his family.

He fell in love with O’Neill on his first visit.

“I wanted small-town, Midwestern values for my family,” he said, alluding to his wife Laura and their infant son, Nolan who was born in June. “I was also hoping for a place where I could balance time at work and time with family.”

His time spent in Nebraska working as a part-time doctor when he was transitioning out of the Army in McCook along with his appreciation of orthopedics as a broad specialty shaped his decision on his next job. Dr. Sieg has more than seven years of experience treating both young active-duty soldiers as well as retirees.

“I really wanted to continue to treat all types of patients,” Sieg said. “That was one of the reasons Avera St. Anthony’s made so much sense to me. It’s a perfect fit for us.”

As a native of Eugene, OR, Sieg was an athlete who excelled in math and enjoyed all sports from football, soccer, basketball and track. In his youth, he was no stranger to orthopedics. “I had a few broken bones over the years,” he said. “This was my first exposure to medicine.”

He attended Oregon State University with a focus on engineering, but kept thinking about medicine. “One of my other thoughts was military service, and I did switch to pre-medicine, and then I found I could serve in the U.S. Army as a doctor,” Sieg said.

He was off to the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Maryland, where he completed his medical school training in 2008. As a medical student, he was open minded, but orthopedics, with its pragmatic, hands-on nature, appealed most to him.

“I like to fix stuff – whether it is a joint that’s no longer working properly, or a damaged ACL on a young football player,” he said. “In orthopedics, especially in a larger metropolitan area, you can get pigeon-holed to specialize within your specialty. Here at Avera St. Anthony’s, I can be the doctor I want to be.”

Sieg began his practice at the hospital Aug. 1, and he said everything has gone well. He recently took some time off to finish moving, and now he’s ready to get to know his new community.

The team at Avera St. Anthony’s has helped him achieve success. “I’m really blessed to work with Dean Benson, our experienced PA. He is a valuable asset, as almost everyone knows him and his skills,” he said. “From the surgical staff to the nurses – everyone is great, very welcoming and talented. They work hard and put the patient first in all they do.”

His first surgery in O’Neill was among the most challenging in the range of his profession. It went extremely well, and that 80-year-old could put his full weight on the joint immediately.

“This patient could not tolerate trying to only walk on one leg, so I did a more-difficult surgery so he could walk immediately,” he said. “Everyone said I certainly did not start with something easy – but it went really well – because we have a strong team.”

Sieg said it was a great indicator that he chose the right place for his practice.

“The patient is the one who guides me, and that first procedure was a great example,” said Sieg. “I don’t just treat medical conditions or MRI scans – I treat people. I tailor what I do to fit your lifestyle and goals.”

Sieg offers a wide range of care and services, including nonsurgical treatment, various types of injections, carpal tunnel surgery, total joint replacements, sports medicine, arthroscopic shoulder and knee surgery and fracture care.

He also can perform minimally invasive surgery with accelerated rehabilitation.

You can make your appointment with him today by calling 402-336-5122.


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