Niobrara Valley Donation

Niobrara Valley's Cindy Nollette (left) drops of a donation of wine from Niobrara Valley Vineyards, a business she operates with her husband, Greg (Right) at Avera St. Anthony’s Hospital with the hospital’s director of nursing, Amy Langan, RN, BSN.

Greg and Cindy Nollette, proprietors of Niobrara Valley Vineyards, joined forces with Torpin’s Rodeo Market and Gutshall & Kohle Eyecare to give a special gift to the Avera St. Anthony’s Hospital Foundation.

The businesses provided almost 70 bottles of wine from their vineyard near Valentine. They also gave the Foundation 185 gift certificates for free wine tastings. The Foundation will make the gifts available to hospital and clinic staff.

“This generous gift is a unique way to show support, and we really appreciate what the businesses and Dr. Gutshall have done to honor our care-givers and all the staff at our hospital,” said Russ McIntosh, Avera St. Anthony’s Foundation President. “By offering these creations from their business, they’re showing everyone how much they respect our employees and medical staff. We send our thanks to them, as well as the team at Torpin’s”

The Nollettes said a group of Nebraska wine makers came up with a campaign to show support to health care centers and hospitals across the state. Like them, vineyards picked facilities to honor with the gifts. Gutshall & Kohle Eyecare and Torpin’s Rodeo Market purchased some of the wine to ensure every 21-and-older employee at the hospital could have a bottle or a gift certificate to visit their business and taste their products.

They also have family connection with Avera St. Anthony’s – Greg and Cindy’s daughter, JoElla Ohri works as a radiology technician at the hospital.

“We very pleased to be recipients of this gift, and we send our thanks to all those who contributed to the effort,” said Todd Consbruck, President and CEO of Avera St. Anthony’s Hospital. “It’s a meaningful gesture – and we appreciate it.”


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