Wheeler County Bronze Collection

Artist Herb Mignery will be in Bartlett on Sept. 30 and Oct. 1 to celebrate the addition of his artwork at the Wheeler County bronze collection. 

BARTLETT — Hometown artist Herb Mignery will be in Bartlett on Sept. 30 and Oct. 1 as part of the dedication of the most recent addition to the Wheeler County bronze collection. The formal dedication will occur at 4 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 1. Spectators will have an opportunity to observe the installation process of this newest bronze prior to dedication. 

Over the course of both days Mignery will be available on the Wheeler County Courthouse grounds to speak with community members and art enthusiasts about his work and techniques as well as how his love of art has shaped both his life and career.

In addition, the Nebraska Educational Television (NET) Network will be filming throughout the event including an interview with Mignery and occasionally conservations with those present for both the informal meet and greet and the actual dedication. As part of the dedication process the Wheeler County community is searching for ways to sustain and grow the bronze art program while increasing public awareness of the unique nature of this Nebraska art collection. Therefore, public input is important as it relates to the preservation, expansion and heightened recognition of the Wheeler County Mignery collection. 

It has been approximately eight years since the last Mignery dedication. Since then the number of exhibits has doubled to 32 bronzes and talks are underway to engage in a partnership with the Museum of Nebraska Art (MONA). Wheeler County is fortunate to be home to a gifted, nationally recognized artist and fortunate to be able to house such a unique collection of bronzes that depict the lives of those who have lived, worked and struggled in the Nebraska Sandhills. 

The public is invited to take the opportunity to meet the artist and celebrate the outdoor museum in Bartlett. 


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