Stuart - Naper Bridge

The bridge north of Stuart crossing the Niobrara River leading to Naper was destroyed due to the area flooding in the spring of 2019


Holt County and the Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) are excited to announce that the first local permanent repair project from the flooding events was let August 20th. The project is located on 470th Avenue, approximately seven miles south of the village of Naper in Boyd County and approximately 18 miles north of the village of Stuart in Holt County. During the flood event in March of 2019, an ice jam caused the destruction of the Stuart to Naper bridge over the Niobrara River in Holt County, the existing bridge was carried approximately 2,000 feet downstream.

Highway Superintendent Gary Connot applauded the teamwork that took place saying, “The two engineering firms did a great job working together to deliver the project in a very timely manner and they certainly recognized how important it was to the locals to get the bridge restored.”

Everyone involved has worked tirelessly to move the project forward as quickly as possible. The design team from Speece-Lewis Engineers and environmental service consultant from Felsburg Holt & Ullevig sprang into action to accelerate plans and move the project forward.

Kyle Schneweis, director of NDOT, shared his excitement saying, “Congratulations to the team for their hard work and moving this project forward to get Nebraskans back on the road so quickly. I would like to thank FHWA-Nebraska for their effort in helping to deliver the project and provide funding.”

United Contractors, Inc., of Johnston, Iowa, have the over $6.6M contract. Work will include grading, concrete pavement, seeding, bridge replacement and guardrail. The project is expected to begin construction this fall. This road is on a Federal-Aid Route and the replacement is being funded by Emergency Relief Funds.


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