O'Neill Hall of Fame

O'Neill Hall of fame awards ceremony was held last Sunday after Church in the Park as part of Summerfest. Pictured are (l-r); Mayor Scott Menish and award winners Lois Schaffer and Terry Miles.

It only happens every two years but the honor of O'Neill Hall of Fame was bestowed on two of its own citizens on Sunday, July 18 at Ford Park after the conclusion of Church in the Park to finish 2021 Summerfest.

Mayor Scott Menish awarded this years honors to Lois Schaffer and Terry Miles.

Lois Schaffer was born and raised in Holt County. Schaffer was married to the late Larry Schaffer. She was the Mayor of O'Neill for six years in the 1980s. She was on the committee that brought Valley Hope to O'Neill and was instrumental in getting the chapel moved from Emmet to its location at Valley Hope.

She was a former member of the O'Neill School Board. Lois was a member of the United Methodist Church and has served on various committees.

Lois has a strong faith and is a kind-hearted and strong-willed lady. She fights passionately, whether in favor or against a project. It is in her nature to give it her all. She has always been a strong advocate of O'Neill and has spent a lifetime trying to make O'Neill a much better place to live.

Terry Miles was born to Shorty and Dot Miles in O'Neill, attended St. Mary's High School and St. Patrick's Church. Terry is married to Beth and they are the parents of four children.

Miles is the fourth generation to own the oldest business in O'Neill, the Frontier and Holt County Independent, spending countless hours providing the county with local news, sporting events and keeping the community informed of the latest happenings.

Terry has been a third-generation dedicated first responder for the O'Neill Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department for 24 years and has served as chief, ambulance captain and training captain.

Miles is also President of the O'Neill Cemetery Board, O'Neill Chamber of Commerce Board member and past president; and Past President of the O'Neill Men's Club.


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