To celebrate its 100th birthday, The American Legion coordinated a special "Centennial Run" for American Legion Riders prior to the 101st National Convention in Indianapolis, IN, from Aug. 23-29 and will culminate on Veterans Day 2019.

U.S. Highway 281, also known as The American Legion Highway, runs throughout the entire U.S. from Canada to Mexico.

Two teams made up of approximately 35 American Legion Riders began their journey on Aug. 1 — one team started at the Mexico/Texas border and headed north and the other team started at the Canada/North Dakota border and headed south. The two groups then meet in Great Bend, KS, on Aug. 4. 

For the Nebraska portion of the journey, Legion Riders took the handoff from South Dakota riders near Spencer on Aug. 3. 

The Nebraska Riders stopped at each post along the route to have post commanders sign the banner. This included O'Neill American Legion Post 926 Commander George Mumm. 

Other stops in Nebraska included Bartlett, Greeley, St. Paul, Grand Island, Doniphan, Hasting, Blue Hill and Red Cloud.

The group handed off the banner to the Kansas American Legion Riders at the border on Aug. 4. 

The banner will be presented to the national commander at the national convention at the end of this month. 

Minneapolis, home of the first American Legion National Convention in 1919, served as host city of the 100th National Convention Aug. 24-30, 2018. Centennial events and activities are being conducted at the national, department and post levels through the 101st National Convention in Indianapolis from Aug. 23-29 and will culminate on Veterans Day 2019.


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