Primary Election

The Nebraska primary election will be on May 15 at which time the  top candidates will move onto the general election on Nov. 6. 

The deadline for incumbents is 5 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 15. The deadline for non-incumbents to file for office is 5 p.m. Thursday, March 1.  

Offices that are up for election in Holt County and the individuals who have filed as of Feb. 12 are:

County Attorney — Brent Kelly, Republican, O'Neill

County Assessor – Tim Wallinger, Republican, Atkinson

County Clerk – Cathy Pavel, Republican, Chambers

County Treasurer – Connie Krotter, Republican, O’Neill

Clerk of the District Court – Junior Young, Republican, O’Neill

Sheriff – Ben Matchett, Republican, O’Neill

Surveyor – Steven L. Rasmussen, Republican, O’Neill,

Supervisor District 1 – Donald D. Hahlbeck, Republican, O’Neill,

Supervisor District 3 – Bill Tielke, Republican, Atkinson

Supervisor District 5 (Vote for 1) – Ralph Metschke, Republican, Chambers; Doug Frahm, Republican, Amelia; and Dean Sidak, Republican, Emmet

Supervisor District 7 – Don Butterfield, Republican, Atkinson

O’Neill Mayor (Vote for 1) – Bill Price, Richard O. Devall Jr. and Tom Davidson 

O’Neill City Council Ward I – Donald Baker

O'Neill City Council Ward II — Timothy J. Schneider, O'Neill

O'Neill City Council Ward III — Terri L. Krysl, O'Neill

O’Neill City Council Ward IV – Buffy Walsh

O’Neill Airport Authority (Vote for 2) – John R. Prouty, Josh Thoendel and Barton C. Becker

Atkinson City Council (Vote for 3) – Rondal A. Krysl, Gary A. Lech, Ken Counts and Wayne Prussa

Atkinson Mayor – Paul Corkle

West Holt School District 239 (Vote for 3) – Brian J. Mlady, Atkinson, and Susan L. Judge, Atkinson

Stuart Public School District 44 (Vote for 3) — Jon D. Schmaderer and Gary Olberding


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