July 31

Karl Joseph Stratman, St. Helena, speeding, fined $75, NSP Trooper Walter

Michael Lucas Movall, Denver, CO, speeding, fined $25, NSP Trooper Detlefsen

Charles Robert Lainson, Council Bluffs, Iowa, CMV-brake general, $50, NSP Trooper Asche

William T. Langan, O’Neill, no valid registration, fined $25, OPD Officer Kipton

Aug. 1

Chelsea Ann Weise, Sioux Falls, SD, CMV-log not current, fined $100, NSP Trooper Asche

Mercedes D. Stolcpart, Stuart, speeding, fined $75, OPD Krysl

Aug. 2

Dominic Ackah, Lawrenceville, GA, speeding, fined $25, NSP Trooper Detlefsen

Tracey Lee Garcia, Atkinson, three counts of overweight on axle or group, fined $225, NSP Trooper Asche

Aaron B. Croom Sr., Ewing, waived his preliminary hearing and was bound over to Holt County District for driving while revoked from driving under the influence-refusal, Class 2A felony, HCS Inv. Binkerd

Aug. 5

Douglas P. Fick, Inman, no valid registration, fined $25, NSP Trooper Walter

Terry Lee Albrecht, Thurston, speeding, fined $25, NSP Trooper Viterna

Derek Michael Snodgrass, Neligh, CMV-marking, fined $50; overweight on axle or group, fined $325; no valid registration, fined $200; and no proof of ownership, fined $50; NSP Trooper Asche


Marriage Licenses


July 30

Thomas A. Brown and TyLinn L. Dodd, both of O’Neill

Aug. 1

Jerome E. Henderson and Candice L. Henderson, both of Lynch


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