June 11

Paula. A. Hunke-Davis, O’Neill, speeding, fined $25, NSP Trooper Viterna

Jason C. Hamilton, O’Neill, speeding, fined $125, NSP Trooper Hampton

Lindsey A. Rokahr, Ewing, no valid registration, fined $25, and no operator’s license, fined $75, OPD Sgt. Jensen

Angela Guinevere Astin, Smithwick, SD, speeding, fined $75, OPD Sgt. Jensen

Matthew D. Adamson, Laramie, WY, speeding, fined $25, HCS Deputy Forker

June 13

Jennifer L. Battles, Atkinson, dog running at large, fined $20, APD Officer Hitchcock

Sidney J. French, Grand Island, speeding, fined $125, NSP Trooper Walter

Neal E. Garwood, Atkinson, CMV-HM shipping papers, fined $100, NSP Trooper Petty

Amber N. Rhodes, Sierra Blanca, Texas, speeding, fined $125, OPD Officer Krysl

Troy Allen Watson, Orchard, no valid registration, fined $25, OPD Officer Harmann

June 14

James Matthew Tannehill, Monroe, overweight on axle or group, fined $75, NSP Trooper Asche

June 17

Ryan Andrew Prevenas, Omaha, no valid registration, fined $25, NSP Trooper Hampton

Adam John Zaruba, Lindsay, overweight on axle or group, fined $150, and overweight on capacity plates, fined $50, NSP Trooper Ashe

Beunka M. Gooden, Inman, careless driving, fined $100, OPD Officer Cash

Ethan J. Miller, Orchard, careless driving, fined $100, OPD Officer Parks


Marriage Licenses


June 12

Calvin J. Kilmurry and Cody L. Wells, both of Atkinson


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