Several sentencings occurred on June 18 in the Holt County Court. Judge Kale B. Burdick presided.

Lisa M. Limburg, 40, of Inman, was charged with procuring/selling alcohol to a minor, a Class 1 misdemeanor. The defendant was ordered to pay $200 in court costs and fines.

Gary R. Pospichal, 63, of Atkinson, was charged with driving under the influence-.15+, a Class W misdemeanor. The defendant was ordered to pay $905 in court costs, fines, probation fees and other fees.

His driver’s license was revoked for one year and an ignition interlock permit was ordered. The defendant was sentenced two days in Holt County Jail with credit for one day served. Posipichal also was sentenced to 9 months probation. 

In other court news:

June 19

John M. Whitlock, Hastings, speeding, fined $25, NSP Trooper Detlefsen

Kenneth Edward Kaup, Stuart, overweight on axle or group, fined $25, NSP Trooper Asche

Kassandra S. Chauncey, Page, dog running at large, fined $50, Page Officer Kohlman

June 20

Rodney Allen Loudenklos, Platte Center, overweight on capacity plates, fined $225, and two counts of overweight on axle or group, fined $175, NSP Trooper Pfeiffer

Kenny S. Wettlaufer, Atkinson, CMV-lights inoperable, fined $25, NSP Trooper Koch

Giorgi, Bablidze, O’Neill, speeding, fined $25, HCS Sgt. Liewer

June 21

Austen K. Roland, Magnet, speeding, fined $75, NSP Trooper Hampton

June 24

Kyra Laine Farewell, Ewing, speeding, fined $75, NSP Trooper Asche

Kelly J. Elsberry, Ewing, unlawful/fictitious display of plates, fined $50, HCS Inv. Binkerd


Marriage Licenses 

June 19

Schylar B. Franssen, Amelia, and Donna L. Libolt, Chambers

June 24

Cody M. Doyle and Cheyenne A. Cook, both of Newport


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