Aug. 27

Trinity J. Mosel, O’Neill, no registration in vehicle, fined $25, and no license on person, fined $25, NSP Trooper Walter

Kaley M. Hoffman, Ewing, no operator’s license, fined $75, OPD Officer Krysl

Michael J. Schmaderer, Lincoln, speeding, fined $125, OPD Officer Krysl

Aug. 28

Alexandria J. Grant, Page, dog running at large, fined $10, OPD Chief Otte

Darryl Gene Hunsicker Jr., Orlando, FL, speeding, fined $25, HCS Inv. Binkerd

Aug. 29

Eric N. Mead, Kansas City, MO, speeding, fined $25, NSP Trooper Hampton

Gerardo Jimenez-Jimenez, O’Neill, no valid registration, fined $25, OPD Officer Krysl

Sept. 2

Cody L. Schacht, Orchard, speeding, fined $25, NSP Trooper Viterna

Misty Dawn Smith, Girard, KS, speeding, fined $25, NSP Trooper Viterna

Steven J. Wallinger, Stuart, speeding, fined $25, NSP Trooper Viterna

Jordan R. Larsen, Lincoln, speeding, fined $25, NSP trooper Hampton

Brant J. Pavel, Chambers, speeding, fined $75, NSP Trooper Hampton

Justin J. Funk, Clearwater, overweight on axle or group, fined $500, NSP Troope Asche


Marriage Licenses


Aug. 29

Fabian De Jesus Castro and Ivonne Araceli Coronel, both of O’Neill

Aug. 30

Bryce W. Wood and Moriah L. Heerten, both of O’Neill


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