New Truck

Food Pantry Truck which was purchased through a grant and local donors which is used to haul produce from the Food Bank of the Heartland.

The Food Pantry at the O’Neill United Methodist Church has continued to serve people in O’Neill as well as surrounding communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the pandemic began to change how everything is done, the Food Pantry has developed a method of serving people with a drive-thru system.

Twice a month, the volunteers at the Food Pantry have pre-packaged bags of groceries so they are ready to distribute as people drive through the parking lot at the Methodist Church at 404 W Cedar in O’Neill. Since March, the number of families served by the Food Pantry has more than doubled.

With a special grant and the help of several local donors, the Food Pantry was able to purchase an 18-foot refrigerated truck this summer. Using the truck allows the distribution of fresh produce received from Food Bank for the Heartland. All of the cost normally associated with the purchase of food and the freight to deliver the food from the Food Bank for the Heartland has been covered for all food pantries in Nebraska by an anonymous donor since the pandemic was declared as a food crisis.

Locally, special thanks go out to Rodeo Market, State Farm Insurance, North-Central Automation, Charles Molvig and Coni Dowd-Molvig, Rotary Club of O’Neill, The O’Neill Foundation, Avera St. Anthony’s Hospital, Circle K Farms and several anonymous donors.

Due to generous contributions both from those within our community as well as from companies throughout Nebraska, the Food Pantry will be able to continue serving families who need the help during this time of uncertainty. Many thanks go to the special people who volunteer their time to make this community effort a success.

For more information about the Pantry, please contact Sheryl Cole at 402-340-6735,


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