Drunk Driving Prevention

As we approach Labor Day weekend, the O’Neill Police Department is participating in the "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" enforcement campaign. During the holiday weekend, law enforcement will work to put an end to drunk driving. In support of law enforcement’s dedication to protecting the lives of residents in their communities, you’ll see increased enforcement on the roads with zero tolerance for those who drive impaired.

In Nebraska, there were over 1,540 alcohol-related crashes last year. That is at least four alcohol-related crashes every day of the week. Those crashes are 100 percent preventable. Drunk driving accounted for approximately 30 percent of the motor vehicle traffic deaths in 2019.

If you’re heading out to camp, to hang with friends or just meeting up to have a drink, remember to designate a non-drinking driver. As we all get ready for school and the long holiday weekend keep in mind: Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over. The O’Neill Police Department recommends these safe alternatives to drinking and driving:

• Remember that it is never okay to drink and drive. Even if you’ve had only one alcoholic beverage, designate a sober driver or a ride sharing service or call a friend to get home safely.

• If you see a drunk driver on the road, contact law enforcement or call *55 to report an impaired driver.

• Do you have a friend who is about to drink and drive? Take the keys away and make arrangements to get your friend home safely.

This upcoming Labor Day weekend commit to only driving 100-percent sober. Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.


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