New O'Neill Water Tower

THE O'Neill WATER TOWER is nearing completion. Painters are putting on the white base coat and will then paint O'Neill in green lettering. According to Water Superintendent Curt Kizzire the tower should be operational later this fall. Photo by Terry Miles

The O’Neill City Council met in regular session on Monday. Oct. 7 in the council chambers.

All members of the council were present except councilman Tim Gleason.

The council had 15 items on the agenda. Amber Parks asked the council for a conditional use permit for a daycare and preschool at 617 E. Benton. The council approved the permit with no discussion about the matter.

Amy Shane O’Neill School’s Superintendent asked the council to approve a stop sign at Seventh and Hynes to make the intersection a four way stop similar to the intersection at Fifth and Hynes. Shane stated that the school board thought traffic was building too much speed on Hynes from 10th to Seventh and a stop sign would help the problem. The council agreed to take immediate action and instructed Street Superintendent Greg Walters to put a stop sign in.

The council approved a slew of LB-840 requests for business improvements including sidewalks, awnings and lighting.

The council heard requests for three separate departments for bids on replacement equipment. The police department asked approval to advertise for bids on a new patrol unit. The street department asked that the council wait a month to put bids out for a new motor grader. Walters said he had found a new avenue for getting equipment that could possibly save the city money on equipment and would like to have the representative come visit with the council. The fire department asked the city to consider a financial arrangement in which the rural board would fund the money for a new rescue truck with the city paying back their half of the project over a couple of years and the rural board fronting the money. Ed North, President of the O’Neill Rural Fire Board asked the council to draft a legal agreement that would provide payment back to the rural tax payers for their half of the truck. The council requested the city attorney to draw up an agreement with the rural board.

The council then moved on to approve advertisements for the First Street improvements before adjourning for the evening.


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