New Borns

Newborns - Aaron Losing, left, and his wife, Mary Kersenbrock Losing, welcomed their son, Isaac, to the family on June 17, part of a busy week for babies at Avera St. Anthony’s. Eight babies were born there in a week’s time – with four newborns, including Isaac, arriving in a span of about 14 hours.

The obstetrics professionals at Avera St. Anthony’s Hospital celebrated quite a week – and one great big day – from June 14-21.

“We realize many moms have choices, and we’re honored to share their special days with them, and bring their newborns into the world with safety as our priority,” said physician Dena Jundt, MD, family medicine/OB. “As a critical access hospital in a rural part of Nebraska, we realize that growing families have decisions to make. When we can host them and help as they bring new life into the world, we see it as a solemn honor, one we take seriously and personally. We were glad to be part of such an amazing week for moms, dads and babies here at Avera St. Anthony’s.”

The hospital typically averages about 12 births each month.

“Eight babies in seven days is an amazing blessing, and it was a true team effort, with many of our staffers changing their schedules to help these patients,” said Candy Mathis, RN, Clinical Manager of the hospital’s Medical-Surgical and OB departments. “The busiest day was June 17 when we had four babies delivered in less than 14 hours. Much of the credit should go to our great providers – they really ensure safety is priority and help pregnant moms to feel confident as the baby comes.”

Todd Consbruck, CEO and President of Avera St. Anthony’s Hospital, said the hard work of the entire department – and beyond – was a critical part of the busy-but-successful week in OB.

“In the face of the challenges that we’ve all seen in the last six months, a week like this shows just how important community-based health care truly is,” Consbruck said. “My thanks go out to everyone on the team, from the providers, clinical managers and leaders as well as other frontline workers. So many people switched hours, chipped in their time or help and aided this team-based effort.”

Consbruck said the professionalism and rapport of the OB providers at Avera St. Anthony’s is a difference-maker for many parents-to-be. Jundt is among many OB providers you can call for appointments at 402-336-2900.


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