DONATION - Avera St. Anthony’s Hospital Chemotherapy Department staff pose with O’Neill Bomgaars manager who presented the donation check to the department. Show here are, from left, Amanda Kaufman RN; Lala Hinton, RN; department manager Darcey Shabram RN; Bomgaars Manager Tim Gleeson; Oncology Case Manager Emily Poessnecker, RN; and Sara Frederick, PA-C.


Each year, Bomgaars, the retail chain of farm and ranch supply stores across the United States, hosts a “Ladies’ Night” event to raise money for health-care organizations and hospitals that help cancer patients.

The company’s last event was held last October, and nearly 100 locations, including the O’Neill Bomgaars, took part. The events raised more than $65,800. That money was then distributed to cancer-patient serving care centers.

The Chemotherapy Department at Avera St. Anthony's Hospital was among those centers to receive donations. Bomgaars awarded $1,793 to the department, who will use the money to make the department more comfortable for patients who come there for infusions and other care.

“We are grateful for Bomgaars as a company, and for our local store, to show such generosity in support of patients who truly appreciate it,” said Darcey Shabram, RN, who manages the Chemotherapy Department at Avera St. Anthony’s. “Our patients are at the center of all we do, and for a business to recognize what we do and reach out to help us – it means so much. Thank you, Bomgaars."

Before the pandemic, Bomgaars would host the events to include a wide range of social interaction and discounts. This year, they continued the discounts for women shopping during Ladies’ Night, but curtailed some of the interaction to make sure social distancing guidelines were met to reduce the possible spread of COVID-19.

Call 402-336-2611 for more information about the department’s services or to make donations to its efforts.



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