The 2020 Election was held last Tuesday, Nov. 3. Due to printing deadlines results were not available to be published until this weeks edition.

• For O’Neill Public School Board Member – District 7 (three positions)

Michael J. Hammerlun 1561

Bart Becker 1553

Amy Jo Rowse 1515

Bill Price 1178

Joseph Jeffrey 855

• For West Holt Public School – District 239 (three positions)

Kelly J. Jelinek 1071

Mike Fredrick 1069

Scott Clark Gotschall 1030

• For Chambers Public School Board Member – District 137 (three positions)

Monte Metschke 329

Terry Kamphaus 302

Mark W. Dexter 271

Jeremy Sladek 259

• For Stuart Public School Board Member – District 44 (three positions)

Michael Stracke 339

Darby Paxton 338

• For Member of Atkinson City Council – Ward 1 (three positions)

Jerry Osborne 584

Chuck Asher 529

Riley Olson 375

Ruth Brotsky 151

• For Member of O’Neill City Council – Ward 1 (one position)

Kayla M. Burdick 294

Michelle Liewer 217

• For O’Neill Airport Authority – 6 Year Term (two positions)

Steven Lind 964

John R. Prouty 822

A.J. Smith 735

• For Inman Village Board of Trustees (three positions)

Jacque Murray 44

Kyle J. Campbell 26

Sherryl L. Sawyer 25

Debra Fisher 24

Julie Engelbart 18

• For Page Village Board of Trustees (three positions)

Dennis VanEvery 64

Rachel Linquist 60

Caleb Mosel 42

Mary Jo Van Every Leichleiter 36

Kurtis Campbell 17

• For Stuart Village Board of Trustees (three positions)

Jason J. Borg 221

Dana M. Steinhauser 198

Larry L. Paxton 189

Brenda Vochatzer 149

• For Ewing Village Board (two positions)

Dustin Wright 156

James Ramold 155

Boyd County Results

• County Surveyor Position - Shall the position of Boyd County Surveyor be an appointed position and not an elected office?

For 637

Against 322

• For Boyd County Public School Member – District 51 (three positions)

Vote for up to three

Todd Boettcher 608

Beth Drueke 595

Cynthia A. Nolan 559

Write In Tanner Black 463

• For Village of Bristow Board of Trustees (two positions)

Shawn Holmberg

• For Village of Butte Board of Trustees (two positions)

Larry W. Hermsen

Brad Bernt

• For Village of Lynch Board of Trustees (three positions)

Michael Heiser 99

Kenneth R. Crooks 69

Hollyn Nelson 64

Deborah K. Rossmeier 60

Fathanne Kemnitz 26

• For Village of Naper Board of Trustees (two positions)

Andrew Langdon

• For Village of Spencer Board of Trustees (three positions)

Georgia K. Mellor Chicoine 153

Joe Claussen 149

Derek C. Bentz 146

Write In John Dickey 105

District Results

• For NPPD Board Subdivision 2 (one position)

Aaron Troester 12,414

Barry DeKay 12,299

• For Upper Elkhorn Natural Resources District Board of Directors Subdistrict 5 (one position)

Cody Frank 1745

Dennis Bridge 1160


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