Matt Innis

Matt Innis

Former Nebraska U.S. Senate candidate Matt Innis will host a meeting on Thursday, July 29 at the O'Neill K.C. Hall from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. 

This meeting will be directed to the opposition of the Nebraska Department of Education’s standards draft, which was released on March 10. The department has been accepting public feedback through emails, letters and surveys since it was published and the draft is expected to go through several rounds of revision.

Innis rejects the proposal, how it was created and what it will teach students if passed. Most of his opposition focuses on the draft’s human growth and development section, which includes teaching students about gender identity, sexual orientation and gender stereotypes starting in elementary school.

Innis also opposes critical race theory, which is commonly known as a way of thinking about America’s history through the lens of racism.

“We need to be preparing kids for the world,” he said. “They need to learn how to read, write, (the subjects of) math, economics, true science, true biology...but we are replacing that with indoctrination of the children.”

The public can read the Nebraska Department of Education’s health education standards draft on its website, 

Innis's focus is to protect the health and innocence of children and the fundamental rights of parents to direct the education, healthcare and upbringing of their children. He also supports petitioning the State Board of Education, state legislators and governor as well as all school boards and charter schools to ensure no instruction or materials, including highly controversial comprehensive sexuality education (CSE), be given to children in our schools:

• that could be construed to normalize or condone sexual conduct between children of minor age (whether heterosexual or homosexual),

• that include graphic or pornographic materials,

• that teach children they have sexual rights or how to "consent" to sexual acts,

• that teach unscientific gender identity theories (i.e., claiming genders or sexes exist other than male or female or that sex is fluid and can be changed).

Ensure the rights of parents are respected by requiring all public schools to:

  Make available for public review and input, at least 60 days before adoption, any new or revised sex education curriculum in its entirety.

• Make easily accessible for public review all existing sex education curricula, including any supplemental materials.

• Maintain sex ed as an elective, opt-in subject requiring parental approval.


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