Lauren Young

Lauren Young from O'Neill successfully shoots a three-pointer against Boone

The O'Neill Lady Eagles took to the road last week winning 45-32 at Winnebago over the Indians.

The Eagles played a tough first half with the Indians and headed into the half up 31-21.

The Indians fell apart in the third only putting up one bucket. Up 42-23, the Eagles took the heat off Winnebago in the third allowing the bench to play. The Eagles closed out the game with a 13 point win.

Lauren Young led the Eagles with 12 points, two rebounds and nine steals; Presley Heiss nine points, two rebounds and three steals; Olivia Young eight points, three rebounds and two steals; Zelie Sorensen four points, three rebounds and three steals; Emma Smith three points and one rebound; Ashley Sidak two points and two rebounds; and Keeley Chavez two points.

OHS 16 15 11 3 45

WBS 11 10 2 9 32

On Friday, Jan. 7 the Lady Eagles hosted the Boone Central Cardinals. The Cardinals squeaked by the Eagles by three.

The Cardinals ran a fast offense and their shooting was spot on. The Lady Eagles kept pace but trailed 28-20 at the half. The Eagles took back control in the second half shutting down the Cardinals and outscoring them 9-5 in the third quarter.

The Eagles suffered a loss in the fourth when Lauren Young came out of the game with an injury. The Cardinals capitalized on the misfortune and came up with three more points than the Eagles to get the win.

Kiersten Welke led the Eagles with 10 points, one rebound and one steal; Lauren Young nine points, one rebound and five steals; Olivia Young eight points and one rebound; Heiss five points, four rebounds and three steals; Sorensen five points and two rebounds; and Ashley Pischel three points and one steal.

OHS 11 9 9 11 40

BCS 14 14 5 10 43



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