Home Town Leadership

Hometown leadership graduates - Pictured are l-r: Taylor Laursen, Jason Baker, Sirus Price, Kylee Borg, Kaitlyn Butterfield, Brooke Farewell, Brittany Kramer, Stephanie Karo and Terri Liermann. Not pictured: Bruce Rossman

Holt County Economic Development hosted the 15th year of HomeTown Leadership Institute in Holt County from March to October 2019. This year's class learned about economic development and housing in Holt County; met with business leaders and entrepreneurs from Box T Brand Staples, Paper and Pencil, The Joyride Roller Rink, Wettlaufer Garden Center, 3 Points Farm, Wildflour Grocer, Agricultural Services and Rowse Rakes; as well as met with local leaders in education, government, health and community organizations. 

HomeTown Leadership Institute is a county-wide leadership program that meets one day per month from March through October. Sessions focus on the areas of strengths-based leadership; economic development and housing; local government; agriculture; education; entrepreneurship; health, wellness and human services; community organizations; and volunteerism.

HLI is a county-wide leadership program in Holt County organized by HCED. Since 2005, HLI has helped educate participants on different areas of Holt County and further develop personal leadership skills with the intent participants will become more involved in their communities.

Classes run from March to October with participants meeting once per month. Classes are held at the HCED office in O'Neill and different locations throughout Holt County. Previous class topics have included strengths-based leadership, economic development, housing, government, agriculture, education and community foundations. 

For more information contact Holt County Economic Development at 402-336-1504.

Next year's class will start in March 2020. Contact Kristi Peterson at Holt County Economic Development at 402-336-1504 or kristi@growholt.com if you're interested in participating.


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