Holt County. 4Paws

New Owners  - Blaine Hostert and his fiance Kendra Cosler purchased the former Missy's Pampered Pets business.

The O'Neill business community has a new member with the opening of Holt County 4 Paws in east O'Neill. The business which has moved into the former Missy's Pampered Pets building is open for business.

Kendra Cosler, a vet tech from Overton, has purchased the business with her fiance Blaine Hostert. Hostert is from the area and works for CVA. He resides in Stuart.

Cosler plans to offer grooming and boarding in the same building. The couple took possession of the business on Sept. 10 and is in the process of doing a soft opening taking bookings for grooming and boarding as they remodel the building to suit their needs.

Cosler wants to remind owners that they need to be current with their pets vaccinations. "Destemper, Rabies and Bordetella are a  must for the dogs to be eligible for boarding at the facility," said Cosler

Bordetella bronchiseptica is a bacterium that is associated with respiratory disease in dogs. It is one of the components of the canine infectious respiratory complex, sometimes referred to as kennel cough, upper respiratory infection, or infectious tracheobronchitis.

The couple are planning a Nov. wedding and will reside in Stuart and operate the business in O'Neill.

Customers may contact them at 1-402-961-9367 or at holtco4paws@gmail.com


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