Peyton Mathews

EAGLE Peyton Mathews slips around the Guardian Angel defense in last Friday's game on Jan. 22 in O'Neill.

The O'Neill Eagles played two games last week striking wins over Wagner on Tuesday, Jan. 19 winning 62-51 and Guardian Angels on Thursday, Jan. 21 winning 56-49.

The game was close most of the game as the Eagles took the lead in the first quarter but fell before the half and trailed 23-25. The Red Raiders and the Eagles battled closely in the third but the Eagles held Wagner to five points in the fourth while putting up 17 points.

Leading the Eagles was Landon Classen hitting one short of 30 with 29. Classen hit 43 percent of three's with three of seven and six of 11 two pointers with 55 percent. Classen hit 100 percent from the charity stripe hitting eight of eight, he had six rebounds and one steal; Drew Morrow 11 points and one steal; Keegan Moore 10 points, one rebound and one steal; Keaton Wattier eight points, nine rebounds and one steal; Kyler Dean two points, one rebound and one steal; Peyton Mathews one point, four rebounds and three steals; and Colton Osborne one point and two rebounds.

OHS 12 11 11 17 62

WHS 9 16 13 5 51

On Thursday the Eagles faced the 3-12 Guardian Angels and one by seven. Again the Eagles wore out their opponents. The Eagles led at the half by three but out scored in the fourth out scoring the Blue Jays by five for the 56-49 win.

Classen again led with 23 points, shooting 50 percent in three and two pointers and 88 percent in free throws. Classen had six rebounds and two steals; Parker Heiss 10 points and two rebounds; Wattier nine points, seven rebounds and one steal; Moore six points and three rebounds; Mathews five points and eight rebounds; and Morrow three points.

OHS 6 12 13 18 56

GACC 6 12 13 18 49


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