West Holt Homecoming 2019 Royalty

2019 West Holt Homecoming Royalty – Front (l-r): Freshman Attendant Kelcie Osborne; Junior Attendant Cassie Neibauer; senior candidates Lindsey Jelinek and Lily Fischer; Queen Ellie Burkinshaw; senior candidates Brandi Heller and Courtney Poessnecker; and Sophomore Attendant Sadie Jarecke. Back row: Freshman Attendant Channing Ogden; Junior Attendant Joseph Albrecht; senior candidates  Ben Slaymaker and Garrison Hansen; King Jaegher Ogden; senior candidates Joseph Seger and Martin Wentworth; Sophomore Attendant Jakeem Brown. 

ATKINSON — West Holt Public Schools in Atkinson announced its Homecoming royalty on Friday, Sept. 20. Named as this year's royalty were King Jaegher Odgen and Queen Ellie Burkinshaw.

Other senior candidates were Lindsey Jelinek, Lilly Fischer, Brandi Heller, Courtney Poessnecker, Ben Slaymaker, Garrison Hansen, Joseph Seger and Martin Wentworth.

Junior attendants were Cassie Neibauer and Joseph Albrecht, sophomore attendants were Sadie Jarecke and Jakeem Brown and freshman attendants were Kelcie Osborne and Channing Ogden.


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