Stuart FFA Officers

STUART FFA OFFICERS — Pictured front row (l-r): Wade Paxton, Alex Jarecke, Colton Kaup and Jett Kunz. Back row: Emma Alder, Morgan Wallinger, Reaghan Engel, Grace Alder, Lainey Paxton and Madison Stracke. 

AURORA — The recently installed Stuart FFA officers attended a Chapter Officer Leadership Training (COLT) Conference from May 20-22 at the Leadership Center in Aurora. 

The conference concentrated on leadership skills and teaching the role of each office in a chapter. The participants also got the opportunity to interact more closely with their own officer teams as well as meet other officers from different chapters across the state. 

The COLT conference includes both team and individual components. During the individual sessions, participants were divided into officer groups. Here participants were given the opportunity to get to know officers from various chapters who will assume the same role in the upcoming year. Each one of the Nebraska state officers led an officer group. Participants learned about their roles and responsibilities as an officer in their chapter and were given strategies on how to work as a team to better their chapter and create a lasting impact. Officers discussed the importance of leadership in not only the FFA chapters, but in schools and the community. 

During the team sessions, officers were given time to plan for the upcoming year. In this time participants worked to create goals and a vision for the future of their chapter. Officers established committees and practiced performing opening and closing ceremonies. 

At the end of the second day participants also competed in a demonstration of the opening and closing ceremonies. The Stuart FFA Chapter received second place honors in their pool.

This year’s COLT conference theme was “Get Your Game On.” On the second day officers put on official dress and attended the banquet. Western Region Vice President Shea Booster spoke about the value of inconvenience. He emphasized the importance of working hard for what you have and appreciating the time you are given. 

After the banquet officers were split into officer groups to reflect on ways to better ourselves during the officers year of service. The participants wrote letters to themselves summarizing what they wish to accomplish in the next year. 

In addition, the Stuart FFA officers got the opportunity to tour the Aurora Cooperative facility. On this tour participants learned about the work the company does and the wide variety of employment options they offer. 


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