OHS Letter Winners

HONORED — The following O’Neill Public High School juniors, sophomores and freshmen received an academic letter during the 2018-19 school year — Pictured first row (l-r): Lance Schmeichel, Fabian Acevedo, Carson Belik, Jacquelyn Perez, Brenna Colfack, Zelie Sorensen, Summer Minnig, Anais Lopez-Flores, Madisyn Hilker, Journi Moran, Taylor Ross, Mackenzie Doty and Kylee Howard. Second row: Jiya Chaudhari, Brittany Nelson, Madison Hampton, Kelsey Howard, Ally Sedlacek, Lauren Young, Kiersten Welke, Ty Rainforth, Brady Sidak, Kolby Dean, Andrew Alder and Leviathan Kruse. Third row: Madison McIntire, Hailey Turpin, Amber Sobotka, Kelsey Osborne, Trinity Ogden, Kenna Couch, Blair Gutshall, Meg Schluns, Turner Jussel and Joel Costilla. Fourth row: Kalarisa Munoz, Jenna Walton, Kida Fonseca, Rebecca Hupp, Anna Irwin, Jacob Ross, Christopher Jennings, Alyssa Eichelberger, Peyton Mathews, Keegan Moore and Matthew Pardun. Fifth row: Kali Summers, Jazmin Foutch, Samantha Bowland, Briylnn Hamik, Joseph Engelbart, Riley Dinslage, Mason Walsh, Elliott Schluns and Jose Lopez. Sixth row: Sierra Matschullat, Mikyla Grenier, Brook Colfack, Alex Lopez-Flores, Jesus Romero, Desiree Williams, Makenna Fowler, Katelynn Ogden, Alyssa Moser and Allyson Rowse. Seventh row: Isaac Silva, Sean Gildersleeve, Brett Johnston, Makenzie Parks, Morgan Breiner, Chloe Scott, Makayla Hilker and Illea Griffin. Not pictured: Harleigh Claussen, Servando Gonzalez and Taya Rainforth. 

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