Aerospace — Taylor Schaaf and Ian Shane, blue; Lucas Olson and Case Shane, red; and Carson Deseive, white 

Citizenship — LaShanna Werth, purple 

Clothing — Felycia Kerkman, Tate Krysl, Emily Kurpgeweit and Cale Deseive, purple; Cale Deseive, Kylee Howard and Kelsey Howard, blue; and Clair Krysl, red 

Conservation and Wildlife — Levi Cronk, Makenna Schaaf and Calli Tomjack, blue; Ryder Asher, Levi Cronk and Cory Gubbels, red

Crocheting — Kelsey Howard, blue 

Design Decision — Jordyn Laible, Alec Schindler and Kade Youngblood, purple; Tate Krysl, Mecca Kuhl, Bethany Owens and Claire Stauth, blue; and London Konrad, red

Entomology — Clair Krysl, purple, and Levi Cronk, blue 

Food Preservation — AJ Pospichal (2), Logan Sanford and Bethany Owens, purple; Anna Albrecht, Andrew Koehlmoos and AJ Pospichal, blue; and Christopher Koehlmoos, red 

Foods — Brooke Ehlers, Lucas Olson, Ashley Pischel (2), Kylee Howard (2), Nicole Nichols, Claire Woeppel (3) and Rose Woeppel (2), purple; Kylee Howard, Claire Woeppel, Logan Sanford (2), Emily Kurpgeweit, Sydney Beed, Kylee Howard (2), Sydney Beed (2), Emersyn Mlady, Landyn Mlady, Logan Sanford (2), Matthew Koehlmoos and Rose Woeppel, blue; and Chelsie Janzing and London Konrad, red

Floriculture — Faith Schaaf, purple and special recognition; Sydney Beed, Abby Ehlers, Eisley Mlady (2), Ashley Pischel, Logan Sanford and Faith Schaaf (2)purple; Faith Schaaf, Eisley Mlady (2), Ashley Pischel blue and Logan Sanford, red 

Forestry — Emersyn Mlady,, Eisley Mlady and Calli Tomjack, purple 

Geospatial — Cory Gubbels, purple, and Hannah Olson, blue 

Harvesting Equipment — Tate Krysl, red 

Heritage — Anna Albrecht, purple and special recognition; Brooke Ehlers and LaShanna Werth, purple; Hailey Gubbels, Avery Larsen and Eisley Mlady and Bethany Owens, blue; and Faith Rasmussen, red 

Horticulture — Logan Sanford (3) and Christopher Koehlmoos, purple; Christopher Koehlmoos, Faith Schaaf (2), Andrew Koehlmoos (3), Sydney Beed, Talon Kurtz, Christopher Jennings and Tad Morrow (3), blue; Tad Morrow, Faith Schaaf (2), Christopher Koehlmoos and Christopher Jennings, red; and Christopher Koehlmoos, white

Human Development — Elizabeth Olson and Hannah Olson, blue 

Leadership and Citizenship — AJ Pospichal, purple; LaShanna Werth, blue; and Lawrence Werth, red 

My Financial Future — AJ Pospichal, blue 

Photography —Anna Albrecht and Faith Rasmussen, purple and received a special award, their photography was selected for CASNR and the extension dean’s office; Brooke Ehlers, Makenna Schaaf , Sierra Schartz and Oliver Shane, purple; and Brooke Ehlers and Emersyn Mlady, blue 

Portfolio Pathway — Ashley Pischel, purple; and Felycia Kerkman, red 

Quilt Quest — Levi Cronk (2), Kylee Howard, Kelsey Howard and Kirsten Koenig, blue; Charlie Flannery, red; and Logan Sanford, white 

Safety —Brooke Carey, purple; and Taylor Schaaf, blue 

Shooting Sports Exhibit — Andrew Koehlmoos, red 

Shopping In Style —Hannah Olson, blue, and Emersyn Mlady, white 

Sketchbook Crossroad — Jordyn Laible and Ashley Pischel, purple 

Solar As Energy Display — Kaleb Asche, purple 

Veterinary Science — Kylee Howard, blue 

Weed Science — Makenna Schaaf, purple and special recognition 

Welding — Kade Youngblood, purple; and Zachary Howard, blue 

Woodworking — Logan Sanford and Kade Youngblood, blue 

Illustrated Presentation — Teagan Butterfield and Hannah Olson, purple and both received Outstanding Illustrated Presentation

Premier Presenter Contest — Claire Woeppel and Rose Woeppel,  purple and both received Top 4 Premier Presenters 

State Speech Contest/State PSA — Ashley Pischel, purple; Andrew Koehlmoos, blue 

4-H Fashion Show — Claire Woeppel, purple, and Emersyn Mlady, red


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