Dear Residents of the 40th District,

Legislative proceedings moved at a slow pace this week as filibuster efforts consumed the majority of session deliberations. LB 710, introduced and prioritized by Senator Baker, was the main focus of consideration on both last Monday and Tuesday mornings. The proposed measure, in short, seeks to clarify statutory language regarding successful plaintiffs who are allowed to recover a court award of costs, interest and attorney fees for civil cases of $4,000 or less. The bill also establishes a uniform time frame by which interest is calculated. LB 710 endured six hours of floor debate followed by a motion to invoke cloture. The motion was successful and the bill was advanced to the second stage of consideration with 46 affirmative votes.

Committee hearings for public testimony regarding legislation introduced this session continue to fill our afternoons. LB 1120, an omnibus liquor law bill that I sponsored, was presented before members of the General Affairs Committee on Monday. The measure proposes to make a variety of changes to the Nebraska Liquor Control Act. Changes include, but are not limited to, provisional adjustments pertaining to fees, applications, hearings, reports and growlers. LB 1120 would additionally incorporate the Music Licensing Agency Act if enacted.

On Tuesday, I presented LB 1121 to members of the Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee. LB 1121 proposes to adopt the Uniform Protected Series Act (UPSA), which is a uniform law promulgated by the Uniform Law Commission. The UPSA was created in response to the growing popularity of series limited liability companies in the U.S.

The implementation of series LLCs in Nebraska would provide business owners with an efficient and effective means of structuring multiple business entities under one LLC. The LLC, as well as each protected series, would be treated as a separate entity with its own debts, liabilities and obligations only to be enforceable against that particular entity. Each series would have its own members, managers, interests, assets and business purpose separate from the main LLC and other protected series. I will continue to work with committee members and other interested parties in an effort to advance LB 1121 forward this session.

Legislative discussions during the remainder of the week were dedicated primarily to committee priority legislation and the passage of 19 additional measures on final reading. Friday served as a designated recess day for members of the Nebraska Legislature.

As always, your continued involvement and support are greatly appreciated. Please feel welcome to call, write, or visit the office that is here to represent and serve you at (402) 471-2801 or at


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