Dear Readers,

Recently our newspaper office has been receiving anonymous letters regarding a court case outside of our coverage area. Just so the public is made clear on the subject, the newspaper does not take unsigned letters seriously. If you don’t have the intestinal fortitude to stand by your words than you should just keep them to yourself. 

Now that I have peeked everyone’s interest, I will explain. The anonymous letters I assume are coming from someone who has a relative or friend who has done something wrong and is facing charges filed by the Holt County Attorney’s Office. I also assume our newspaper ran an article about the alleged incident. 

Now granted, in our great nation everyone is innocent until proven guilty and should be treated as such. But on the other hand, should the public be deprived of information of those that walk the streets awaiting trial or those incarcerated awaiting trial? I say “no” because the public has a right to know and the information is made public by the Freedom of Information Act. One of the main jobs of the media is making the information easily accessible to the public. 

In the letters sent to my office, I am assuming the anonymous person on the other end of the pen is having a hard time dealing with why the local news is not covering the story of Tyler Hedlund. The story of Mr. Hedlund is a story worth covering in Adams County, but not in Holt County. The young man has never lived here or worked here. His last name and that of his mother’s are local, but he is not local and that’s where the story ends. The charges were filed in Adams County. Our newspaper works to cover the stories that affect Holt County. 


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