Spencer - It has been 88 years since little eight year old Delores (Klasna) Clocker stuck her compact in a hole in the wall at her grandpa's house. It was 1932 and Delores being a curious child wondered if her pretty little compact would fit in that hole behind the door to the basement at Grandpa's where the door knob put a round hole from opening too hard.

“It looked like that hole was the same size as my compact,” said Delores and she wondered if it would fit through the hole.” At that point, you know you just have to try it and see," said Delores.

Well the compact fit perfectly, and down the hole it went.  Delores,  like most children would do, tells no one about the loss. Time goes on, people come and go in the house and now 88 years later, new owners buy the house. Behind that basement door is still the same hole from 1932.  

The new owners of the house were visiting the Boyd County Senior Center and  after hearing Delores tell the story, new home owners, Jerry and Marilyn Cochrun decide, “Eh, what’s one more hole?”  They made another hole in the wall one day when Bill Adams was visiting. Jerry Cochrun  decides to let Bill stick his hand in and see what he could find. After removing some plaster, Bill pulls out a little compact. 

While observing social distancing rules, we had a little gift giving ceremony to give Delores back a little treasure from her childhood. Delores response was " I thought it was bigger."



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